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The Annual Hydrobikeathon 2023 – Enniskillen Island Town

What is the Hydrobikeathon?

The hydrobikeathon is a new fundraising platform for individuals or groups to raise funds for their chosen charity using hydrobikes as the mode of participation. Hydrobikeathons are events, managed and executed by Castle Archdale Boat Hire and Erne Adventures, with exclusive rights to this event owned by Castle Archdale Boat Hire and Erne Adventures.

Our Hydrobikeathon events encourage participants who are interested in raising funds for multiple charities or community organisations to get involved and submit a team. In much the same way as marathons engage multiple fundraising individuals or teams, our Hydrobikeathons make every effort to do the same except rather than the event being land based, this is a water based fundraising event.

The 2023 Annual Hydrobikeathon will take place around the island town of Enniskillen. This event is the first of its kind and with limited spaces for participants is likely to book quickly.

Below are the rules, which must be adhered to. They are written with your safety, favourite charity and appetite for challenge in mind. This is a unique event, and is likely to create significant interest, thus presenting a wonderful opportunity to get involved.

Good Luck!

Event Rules

  1. By making this application there is no guarantee your organisation will be selected for entry for the Charity event. Organisations are selected based on a number of criteria including, community involvement, fundraising targets, fundraising goals.
  2. Your organisation agrees to pay the £200 entry fee to participate in the event. The full entry fee will be donated to Cancer Fund for Children.
  3. If full entry fee is not paid by 30th June 2023 your entry will be cancelled and your entry given to another organisation.
  4. By entering you agree to provide the organiser with full details of all money raised, donation platforms eg justgiving/bucket collection/sponship form and is compliant with fundraising guidelines of your chosen charity and to take part in our charity presentation event.
  5. By entering you agree that Castle Archdale Boat Hire/Erne Adventures has full permission to use any pictures/media gathered before, during or after the event for the purposes of promotion of the event and for use by any other media outlet.
  6. By entering you agree that Castle Archdale Boat Hire/Erne Adventures can use/share any of your organisation’s social media for promotion of the event and for use by any other media outlet.
  7. You agree to attend a safety briefing and instructional on a date to be finalised before the event in order for our staff to give you and your team a full briefing on the event.
  8. Each team will be made up of a maximum of 4 team members. Teams must be made up of a minimum two adult 18+. No one under the age of 14 will be permitted to take part.
  9. All participants must be registered and on site at the Broadmeadow, Enniskillen by 4pm Friday 8th September.
  10. All participants must follow the instructions of Staff and marshals at all times. Any participants not following instructions will be disqualified from taking any further part in the event.
  11. All participants will be required to sign an indemnity waiver.
  12. All participants must not consume alcohol, or drugs before or during the event.

More Event Information

• The 24 Hour Charity Hydrobike Cycle will commence at 5pm Friday 8th September.
• The event will continue non-stop for 24 hours concluding at 5pm Saturday 9th September
• Participants can change over as many times as they wish throughout the event (but only at the designated change over site).
• A marquee will be available for participants to relax and take a break.
• Safety boat cover will be provided at all times.
• Bouyancy aids will be provided.
• Participants will need to be prepared, and bring their own food and drink for the event. Food stalls will be available during the fun day on Saturday but outside these times there will be no availability.
• We would also encourage any organisations who wish to participate in fancy dress to do so, it’s a great way to help raise awareness about your organisation or charity. This does not have to be worn throughout the entire event.
• Participants must have a moderate level of fitness to take part and have no health issues which would exclude them from any normal physical activity.
• You will be required to sign a disclaimer that you and your team members have no underlying health conditions that might be exacerbated by participation in this event.
• Whilst the main goal is to raise money for a good cause, the winner will be the team with the most laps completed within the 24hour period