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10 Reasons to Visit Castle Archdale Marina

Castle Archdale Marina is located 20 minutes from Enniskillen and there you will find something to suit all ages!
Below is a list of the 10 reasons to visit Castle Archdale Marina.

10. Free Parking

Free parking is available at various car parks throughout Castle Archdale Country Park, with a large car park available at Castle Archdale Marina.

9. Bike Hire - Historical & Forest Trails

Castle Archdale is great for walking and cycling, with over 30km of forest trails including various waymarked trails. Head for “Old Castle Archdale” to see the Old Castle, destroyed during the 17th Century Irish Rebellion and check out the WWII features situated along the Burma Road, including the bomb store and petrol store.

Call by the Archdale Visitors Centre where you can see various exhibitions, including ‘Castle Archdale at War’. The exhibition highlights Castle Archdale’s important role in WWII. A café and Countryside Centre are also housed in the Courtyard. There is also a butterfly garden, wildflower meadow and deer enclosure.

Head along the secluded enclosure of the forest, hugging the shore of Lower Lough Erne and taking in stunning panoramic views across to Davy’s Island, White Island and further across Lower Lough Erne.

8. White Island

White Island is a 15min boat trip from Castle Archdale. On the island, you will find the ruins of an ancient church built on the site of an earlier monastic settlement with an intact arched Romanesque doorway. The island is world-famous for its eight carved figures that sit in a line along the interior north wall of the church. Most were carved between 800 and 1000 A.D. and are wearing the long tunics of churchmen.

It is believed that Vikings attacked and destroyed the monasteries during the 9th Century with many of the inhabitants meeting a gruesome end. The island is also thought to be located at a meeting of Ley Lines, with many visitors from around the world use different techniques and divine intervention to find the same crossing point.

a stone building that has a sign on a brick wall

7. Family Buggies

Our 4 Seater Family Buggies will provide you and your family with unforgettable moments.

The two back seats each have their own pair of pedals and the child seats at the front have seat belts so that your younger guests are secured!

Hire one of our Family Buggies and head off around the Castle Archdale forest trails and the shores of Lough Erne.

6. Kayak and Canadian Canoe Hire

As well as the health benefits Kayaking and Canoeing is an entertaining and excellent way to see around the shores of Lough Erne. Castle Archdale Boat Hire and Watersports offer Sit on Top Kayaks and Canadian Canoes suitable for all levels.

This activity is not supervised; Children must be accompanied by an adult. You should be able to swim and be comfortable in the water.

If you are not confident try one of our Canoe & Kayak Tours or book your Kids onto the Canoe School.

5. Watertrampolining

Watertrampoling is an inflatable floating trampoline situated in the marina. Watertrampoling is a big favorite and one of the most fun activities on the water. Watertrampolining is done under the watchful eye of our supervisor, and wetsuits and lifejackets are provided.

We also offer a combined 1hr Kayaking Session and 30min water trampoline package which great value.

This is the perfect activity for wet and dry weather conditions.

4. Canoe School

Launched in 2018 our Canoe School is now in its second year following rave reviews. The Canoe School is the perfect way for kids to learn new skills and for parents to be able to go off and join their own activities.

The Canoe School offers:

  • 2 half days coaching on sit on top kayak and Canadian canoe skills
  • Coaching on water safety
  • Lough Erne Island exploring (subject to weather conditions)
  • Water-trampoline sessions
  • Coaching by Level 1 & 2 Qualified Canoe Instructors

The Canoe School runs throughout July and August on Monday & Tuesdays from 9 am to 1 pm, and suitable for ages 6+. Users are advised to book early.

3. Guided Canoe Tours

We now offer guided Canoe Tours where an experienced Instructor will take you on a tour around Lough Erne. We have tour packages from 2hours to a full day. With options to stop off at various islands and also lunch at various hotels and restaurants.

Come and enjoy a truly unique experience!

2. Day Boat Hire

A trip to Fermanagh is not complete without experiencing a day boat excursion on Lough Erne. Our day boat hire allows you to independently explore the beauty of Lough Erne at your own pace and in your own style, from the perfect starting location. So take to the helm and hire one of our fantastic day boats.

At Castle Archdale Boat Hire & Watersports we offer the premium Orkney manufactured boats with honda engines, console steering, and controls (not tiller steer).

Lifejackets and fuel are provided. Boats are also pet friendly.

1. Hydrobikes

Castle Archdale Boat Hire and Watersports are proud to be bringing Ireland’s first Hydrobike Experience. You will be taking cycling off the road and onto the relative safety of the water.

Hydrobikes provide a gently, low-impact aerobic total body workout; but it all depends on how fast you pedal. Take an hydrobike out for a leisurely ride, a fast cardio workout, photography session, or fishing.

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